Friday, February 3, 2012

This Will Destroy You: "Black Dunes"

I always complain that the blogosphere gives superficial props to Austin while not really covering any of its bands, but damned if I don't turn around and post more shit from played-out-yet-still-relevant haunts like Brooklyn and Portland than I do from my own backyard. I am not a good diplomat for my city. Probably because I'm kind of an asshole, but I do honestly think that Texas bands are a little further behind the grade curve when it comes to self-promotion than many other local scenes across the U.S. The average Austinite's idea of self-promotion is to move to fucking Brooklyn (see Gibby Haynes, Will Sheff, Conrad Keely). I don't want to sound like a crybaby but all New York has given us in return is Billy Milano.

This Will Destroy You is actually from San Marcos, a party college town 30 miles south of Austin, but fuck it... claiming that shit anyway. They've been loosely described as "post-rock" but one listen to "Black Dunes" will cure you of any illusion that you've discovered a new alternative to Explosions in the Sky... this tune is more in a drone / dark ambient / avant black metal mode. Which is probably why this band has been around for years now and you've never heard of them.

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