Friday, February 24, 2012

Melvins: "The War on Wisdom"

I grew up more of a metal kid, so I didn't really get into the Melvins until Kurt Cobain vetted them upon going mainstream. I've grown to love them more and more over the years, each trailblazing new release solidifying their genius in my mind, their sheer inability to conform providing a quizzical counterpoint to Cobain's own fatal struggle to keep the mainstream at arm's length.

Well, no sooner do I tout the band's inability to sell out than they go and record an EP sponsored by Scion, but "The War on Wisdom" does not represent a band looking for a hit. It's fairly accessible by Melvins standards but it ain't fucking Gruntruck, alright?

If you want the whole shebang it will be posted as a free download March 13 on Scion A/V's website.

[UPDATE 3/13/12: adding official music video]:

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