Monday, January 30, 2012

Maffew Ragazino Sr.: "Short Yellow Bus Theory"

"Fuck ya life".  Sounds like homeboy has worked customer service at some point or another.

Brooklyn is good for more than just Pitchfork-hyped indie rock, as evinced by Maffew Ragazino Sr., a Brownsville native who is clearly on the come up.  "Short Yellow Bus Theory" didn't quite make his album Rhyme Pays, but you can download that full length here.

Diskjokke: "Now Dance"

Norway - at least as its filtered musically here to the US - tends to be one of two extremes: cold, hate-driven black metal and sunny, effervescent pop music.  "Now Dance" isn't pop music per se but Diskjokke doesn't sound like he's got a lot of heavy shit on his mind.  It's a bit different from his more spacy, relaxed stuff on his most recent album, Sagara.  Check out more of his stuff via Soundcloud or peep this mix he did for XLR8R.

Mark Lanegan Band: "The Gravedigger's Song"

Mark Lanegan has an incredibly underrated voice. Your average schmo probably knows him solely as the guy who sang "I Nearly Lost You" for the Screaming Trees all those years ago, but branch out into any of his solo work and you'll find the man expressive across a wide range of palettes.  Check out, for instance, his version of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" off of 1990's The Winding Sheet, a choice of cover which almost certainly influenced Kurt Cobain to try his own hand at it a few years later.

Better yet, just listen to "The Gravedigger's Song", which sounds nothing like the grunge you remember Lanegan for but is all the greater for it.

Blues Funeral comes out Feb 6.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Porcelain Raft: "Unless You Speak From Your Heart"

The three members of Porcelain Raft seem just as confused about what they're supposed to be doing in this video as I am to its general intent.  No matter, music videos occasionally achieve a life of their own but in general they're an excuse to expose bands to a wider audience, and if there's any band that deserves a wider audience in this era of myopic Foster the People / Mumford & Sons worship it's Porcelain Raft.

La Sera: "Please Be My Third Eye"

Blasphemy to some - maybe - but as much as I dig me some Vivian Girls I've come to prefer La Sera in the pantheon of satellite bands circling the Vivian orbit.  I don't know, I just think Katy Goodman has a more compelling flair for dreamy pop songs than the Vivians do for garage skronk, not to take anything away from the latter.  "Please Be My Third Eye" is arguably her most accessible tuneage yet, and a good example of how indie pop is becoming less synonymous with the underground and more synonymous with the old school, pre-manufactured pop of the 60's and early 70's.

Sleigh Bells: "Comeback Kid"

Now if this isn't the peppiest break up song I've heard this week... Alexis Krauss croons "you've gone away but you'll come back someday" as if she looks forward to the eventual reconciliation but not quite as much as she welcomes the space RIGHT NOW.  This video is primarily Krauss waxing cute and showing off her stage moves intercut with some complete non sequitur bullshit - shopping, tanning, beachcombing - but trust me: you're in it for the tune, probably the catchiest, most radio-worthy Sleigh Bells epic to date.

Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid from Mom+Pop on Vimeo.

Friday, January 27, 2012

William Cooper: "American Gangsters" [feat. Kool G Rap]

William Cooper is perhaps the least known member of Black Market Militia - which also includes the likes of Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi and Hell Razah - but he can match talent with any of his more established brethren. As if to prove exactly that, he teamed up with hip hop icon Kool G. Rap - who himself released one of the more unheralded rap albums of 2011, Riches, Royalty, Respect - to rail against the 1%-er's.

Cooper (a.k.a. Booth) named himself after the deceased radio host and conspiracy theorist Milton William Cooper, who was kind of an elder Alex Jones type figure who loved to preach about the New World Order and Bilderberg Group (told you he was an old school Alex Jones).  Cooper's most famous work was the book Behold a Pale Horse, which is also the name of Cooper's latest solo album, from which "American Gangsters" is poached.

Born of Osiris: "Follow the Signs"

If you've been following this blog for any length of time - and chances are you probably haven't - you'll know that I'm all about the technical death metal.  There are so many splintered off-shoots of the traditional death metal sound these days that I almost can't be bothered with the unadulterated, 90's-based form unless you throw some ridiculous shredding into the mix.

Pretty Lights: "We Must Go On"

Pretty Lights is the nom de plume of Derek Vincent Smith, a Colorado lad who seems to mostly DJ raves even though there's a distinctive hip hop/R&B feel to his instrumental jams.  He self-releases his tracks on a pure donation basis via Pretty Lights Music, so naturally "We Must Go On" is on the table for as much (or little) as you care to ante up for at the posted link.

Pretty Lights - We Must Go On (official music video) from Pretty Lights Music on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clyde Carson: "More Than U Think"

Clyde Carson is a member of Oakland MC clique The Team but has come into his own recently, surpassing the fame and popularity of the group with his signing to Game's Black Wall Street Records.  "More Than U Think" is the latest single off Something to Speak About.

Mike Wexler: "Pariah"

Mexican Summer has become one of the more stalwart, go to labels for me the past couple of years.  Arguably best known as a chillwave enclave, the label actually offers a lot more breadth than that - Nite Jewel, Real Estate, Best Coast... hell, even Kurt Vile - but they do tend to have a certain soft spot for hazy, blissed out tuneage.  One of their better recent signings is Mike Wexler, whose Dispossession comes out March 6th, just in time for SXSW.

Mike Wexler - Pariah by Mexican Summer

Red Fang: "Hank Is Dead"

Any video directed by a guy who insists on calling himself Whitey McConnaughy has gotta be King Shit, right? He also directed/conceived the last two videos from PDX's Red Fang, and if you've seen either of those you owe it to yourself to complete the trilogy.  I have to assume the loudspeakers-strapped-to-an-old-beater concept is a nod to the Blues Brothers ("that's a lot of entertainment... for two dollars") and it's entirely possible that the Battle of the Bands finale is modeled after the denouement of Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke... at least I like to think that it is.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Schoolboy Q: "Hands on the Wheel" [feat. A$AP Rocky]

Bi-coastal, y'all!  Schoolboy Q (Los Angeles) and A$AP Rocky (Harlem) collaborate on this latest from Q's soon-to-be breakthrough album Habits & Contradictions.  I'm still feeling out whether I consider A$AP Rocky to be overrated or not but there's no question in my mind that Q has been slept on so far.  The album should change that: co-signs from Rocky, Curren$y, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock underscoring Q's own immaculate flow... this ought to be up there with the best releases of 2012 at the end of the year based on what we've heard so far.

Kidz in the Hall: "I Swear" [feat. Vic Spencer]

If there were still huge national scenes in hip hop (ie. Atlanta, Compton) Chicago would be right up there with Detroit as King Shit in the rap game right now.  Now only does the Windy City boast Kanye, Lupe and Common, but since at least the mid-90's there's never been a shortage of quality hip hop in the local scene: Twista, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die and, more recently, GLC and Kidz in the Hall.

KitH are on their third album for NY-based Duck Down Records (and fourth overall), Occasion, and this newly released clip for "I Swear" is the second single, featuring fellow Chi-town local Vic Spencer guesting.  The scene here is lead rapper Naledge revisiting his old childhood haunts, and not necessarily to show off his latest bling like in that recent Nas video.

Kidz In The Hall: "I Swear" feat Vic Spencer from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

Bleached: "Searching Through the Past"

This is pretty modern California shit, and not in the sense of moving to Texas and buying cowboy beats.  Bleached are a couple of sisters who are all up on the breezy retro-pop tip, and the name of their latest tune makes no bones about that. Even the ever-trendy, frankly kinda played faded cinematography only serves to heighten the sense of nostalgia.


TRUST: "Sulk" / "Bulbform"

TRST? Yep, that's the title for the upcoming album by TRUST, because apparently we all speak Hebrew now and no longer rqr vwls to get our pt a-x. TRUST have already been the recipients of a certain amount of pre-game hype due to the inclusion of Austra's Maya Postepski in the duo.  Below you'll find two slightly different angles to the band, one a little darker and more sinister, the other spare and subjectively chill.  And of course they have a website you may be interested in.

Trust - Sulk (Single Edit) by Arts & Crafts

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photek & Kuru: "Fountainhead"

Almost forgot about Photek.  He hasn't forgotten about me.  "Fountainhead" is unabashedly old school drum & bass, comfortable in its skin without needing that dubstep crossover appeal.  Interesting move, since Photek has been AWOL since 2007, and in the 4+ year interim since then dubstep has become the biggest dance movement since big beat... which is exactly why we don't need old heroes staggering after a bandwagon already crippled with excess baggage and dead weight.  Keep your pimp hand strong, Pho.
(via FACT)

Photek & Kuru -  Fountainhead (DJ-Kicks) by !K7 Records

Hard Mix: "I've Got Them"

Noah Smith is making quite a case for himself as a future go to producer for rock bands looking to cross over into electronic sounds.  "I've Got Them" leaves plenty of room in the mix for additional instrumentation but is compositionally sound without any extra bells and whistles.  He's already been commissioned to create a mix for SiriusXM Chill, from which this track debuted.  The full mix can be downloaded here while Mediafire lasts.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Light Asylum: "Skull Fuct"

Ah, Mexican Summer.  The label that does everything from chillwave to darkwave to next wave, new wave, dance craze, anyways check out this vid from Light Asylum.  It's from their EP In Tension which is already sold out so hopefully this material will resurface on the upcoming full length.
(via FACT)

Goth-Trad: "Air Breaker"

The name Goth-Trad evokes images of Bauhaus-era post-punk, but nope: dubstep.  

Deep Epoch is the next installment in the Goth-Trad... legacy, out on DEEP MEDi... umm, soon.

Goth-Trad - Air Breaker  (Deep Medi Musik 2012) from Deep Medi Musik on Vimeo.

Aborted: "The Origin of Disease"

Another new release discharged tomorrow in the US, Aborted's Global Flatline has already begun garnering respectable reviews, but you can stream the whole thing at Metal Injection right now so decide for yourself.  Before you head over and listen to the whole thing sans visuals get a piece of this official music video for "The Origin of Disease" first:

Goatwhore: "Collapse in Eternal Worth"

Even if Goatwhore started to suck I wouldn't refer to them as "Goatsnore" because, let's face it, I'm not a snot nosed sixteen year old punk... but as it is, none such punks will be leaving these guys' cheese out in the wind because they're still ripping assholes as if said assholes were Hulk Hogan v-neck wife beaters.  Blood for the Master will be redeemed by pre-order on February 14th... or available to just any jackass on Feb. 14th, because why fucking pre-order something for which unlimited copies are available?

Grudgingly, "When Steel and Bone Meet" can be streamed here (embedding disabled, so yeah)

Lamb of God: "Ghost Walking"

This comes out tomorrow so I'd better act like I'm on the ball and post it today.  I think the album has probably already leaked but I haven't heard it yet because I'm a model citizen and don't want to end up like Kim Dotcom.  From the sound of "Ghost Walking" I'm guessing it will be more of the same, although that's not always a bad thing.  Sometimes bands deviate from their core sound and what you get is The Burning Red so be careful what you wish for.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

KILLER COVERS || Peaches & Moullinex: "Maniac"

The only Peaches videos I've seen up until now have been Muppet-related, so color me surprised to find bitch is so flexible.  This cover of the Flashdance / Michael Sembello classic comes replete with a NSFW video that offers a seedier approach to the working girl stripper played by Jennifer Beals in the movie: here the omnidexterous Peaches is a peep show booth dancer courting what appears to be a French mafia greaser.  The track is essentially a Moullinex song with Peaches guest starring rather than a full blown collaboration; it was recorded for an EP of cover songs from the disco-era Casablanca Records catalog.  That EP, Casablanca Reworks, came out January 13th on Gomma Records (excerpts here).

Justice: "On'n'On"

A romp through a Justice video is an ouroboros-like spiral through a land of milk and titties.  Not content to let the jacket art (above) speak for their love of gratuitous nudity, you have been warned that this video is NSFW.  It's quite awesome, though, something worth bookmarking for when you get home from work.  I don't do enough to credit the directors of these videos, so in penance please peep this Alexandre Courtes cat whenever you get a chance.

Justice - On'n'on by justice

Friday, January 20, 2012

Zebra Katz: "Ima Read" [feat. Reddd Foxxx]

Sometimes a new discovery brings with it a wealth of material to absorb all at once.  Such was my experience on stumbling upon Zebra Katz this fine Friday: not only does XLR8R introduce me to this mind boggling vid but there's also an entire wealth of tunes on the ZK Soundcloud page and, what's more, free EP!

(via XLR8R)

Zebra katz - Ima Read from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nicolas Jaar: "With Just One Glance"

Kind of a bitch to research the actual deets behind these tunes today, what with Wikipedia going black in protest of SOPA/PIPA (really don't know what Wiki has against those delicious Mexican bread rolls you fill with honey), and Nicolas Jaar's minimalist website isn't much of a help.  So yeah, homeboy runs a record label Clown & Sunset and the vocals here are provided by Scout Larue, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Personally I find the vocals to be the weak link here; Larue's voice seems capable yet mediocre and her cadence has an overly simplistic, almost schoolyard rhyme to it that isn't all that compelling.  But Jaar's production more than makes up for Larue's shortcomings and after a couple of listens I find myself not even paying that much attention to the vocals anyway.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wiley, Flowdan, Riko & Manga: "F Off"

Few Americans know what's going on in the UK grime scene outside of Dizzee Rascal, but then most Americans don't listen to quality rap stateside either so no surprise there.  Wiley was right back there with Dizzee at the beginning of grime as it was emerging out of the UK garage scene. He founded the collective Roll Deep in 2002, of which the other three MCs on this track are also either current or former members.

"F Off" is as close as hip hop gets to a straight up drum circle, although the biting snap of each MC's flow doesn't lend itself to the kind of laid back vibe of hippies playing hackey sack.  That free download can be obtained here.

(via FACT)

COOLRUNNINGS: "Spirit of the High"

COOLRUNNINGS is one of the new breed of bands who self-promote via cheap-yet-brief releases through Bandcamp (in this case cheap meaning "name your price") and hope that their all caps moniker will be more likely to draw your attention than the e.e. cummings school of lower case prescritivism that some bands practice.  They're obviously not SHOUTING AT YOU because one listen to "Spirit of the High" reveals a band immersed in their own rollicking chill, neo-psych pop rather than -wave derivative, masculine and brash but not too in your face about it... THAT'S WHAT THE BAND NAME IS FOR!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Justice: "Canon" [Tiga Remix]

Man, Justice is really spacing out these Audio, Video, Disco singles.  "Civilization" came out way back in March 2011, with only the title track making a belated follow up in September.  "On'n'On" is scheduled to be the third single (January 30th) which makes for a single roughly every three months.  By this point in the album cycle most bands would be wrapping things up and getting to work on the next record, but then again we're talking about a band that took four years between their debut and sophomore LP's, so Justice have never been known for rushing things.

The Tiga remix of "Canon" is scheduled to be one included as a b-side to the "On'n'On" single, a jaunty romp deserving of the NSFW sleeve art above.

 Justice — Canon (Tiga Remix) by TIGA

Yelawolf: "Let's Roll" [feat. Kid Rock]

I'm not the world's biggest Kid Rock fan.  Sure, he seems like he'd be a cool guy to drink a beer with, but when I hear people praise him for his diversity I have to wonder just how important it is to be thoroughly mediocre at doing two things (rap, southern rock) instead of just one.

Yelawolf holds a bit more promise for me.  His lyrical subject matter is pretty limited - being white, being white trash, being Southern white trash - but he has a fluid, gripping flow going for him.  On his major label debut Radioactive, however, Eminem muddies his protege's talent somewhat by insisting on filling the back nine of the album with blatant stabs at crossover material.

Hardly any of it works, with the notable exception of "Let's Roll", a catchy as fuck duet with Kid Rock with a monster chorus that just won't quit.  Kid Rock's contributions are limited to singing harmony on said chorus, and frankly if dude wants to move further and further away from actually rapping I can't imagine having a problem with that.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Leonard Cohen: "Darkness"

Title aside, this is no "Avalanche Part 2".  The lyrics are predictably morbid, sure, but there's an upbeat, almost playful undertone at work here.  If Johnny Cash were still alive I could definitely see him covering this song on American IX: Lemme Smang It Girl.

Cohen's latest, Old Ideas, emerges January 31st on Columbia.

Leonard Cohen - Darkness by leonardcohen

DJ Diamond: "Randomness"

Chicago is taking it back, y'all.  After birthing house music three decades ago, the Windy City had long since fallen into the same electronica sand trap as the rest of America: all the good techno had either migrated overseas or sold their soul for verse-chorus-verse mainstream acceptance.

But pure, instrumental electronic music is making a major comeback stateside, and Chicago is right there in the thick of it.  The biggest local trend right now is the whole Footwork thing, of which DJ Diamond is a card carrying practitioner.  "Randomness" brings a more cerebral, less frantic dynamic to the equation, though, more  head nodding mood piece than dancefloor banger.
(via Tiny Mix Tapes)

Randomness by dj diamond flight muzik

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time Wharp: "yrLyf"

"yrLyf" - we're obviously running out of new song titles - is the first taste from Time Wharp's upcoming Black EP (Jan. 23rd on Astro Nautico) and can be downloaded on the gratis tip over at Bandcamp. Not sure if the R. Kelly vocal samples are legally in the clear or not so don't tell nobody.

120 Days: "Dahle Disco"

Vying to be the Guns N' Roses of Norwegian space disco, 120 Days have taken nearly a full six years to craft the follow up to their debut album.  120 Days II - apparently half a decade just wasn't enough time to brainstorm a proper title - comes out March 5th on Splendour (just in time for their SXSW appearance) and "Dahle Disco" is the most triumphant moment on that new album.

120 Days - "Dahle Disco" Video from stereogum on Vimeo.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Zola Jesus: "In Your Nature" [David Lynch Remix]

So, David Lynch is a music impresario now.  You've probably heard about that.  Lynch has been among the great masters at using popular music to supplement on screen drama (Scorsese and T-Bone Burnett arguably being his only rivals) so it shouldn't have surprised anyone when he pulled a reverse Danny Elfman late last year and put out his first proper LP, Crazy Clown Time, late last year (though it has been getting mixed reviews).  Homeboy also got on the mixtape bandwagon, which was kind of like a David Lynch soundtrack without the actual movie.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No): "Vodka & Ayahuasca"

With all the coke & weed rap out there it's nice to see MCs mixing up their illicit drug combos.  This time we have Alchemist and Oh No collaborating on "Vodka & Ayahuasca" over a creeping 70s funk jam.  It's a bad trip, y'all.

The full length of the same name is out January 24th.

Stay+: "Dandelion"

I almost didn't post this when I found out Stay+ stood for "stay positive", because let's face it: positivity is for housewives and little girls.  The universe operates oblivious of your individual whims and your will is too small to affect any real change.  We'll probably be wiped out by a gamma ray blast before your youngest child loses their virginity anyway.

And with that please enjoy this effervescent pop gem from Matt Farthing and Christopher Poole.  Poole directed the icy counterpoint that is the accompanying video.  Get the single here.

Teen Daze: "Let's Groove"

This one flirts with being a straight up remake of the Earth, Wind & Fire classic with its liberal sampling of the mother jam, but it goes off in enough different nu-disco directions to co-exist as an original jam-slash-cover song.  I'd tell you a bit about Teen Daze the artist but the bio on FB + his website just gives some pretentious bullshit about Out of the Silent Planet and a (probably fictional) anecdote about studying literature in the Alps.  He's from Vancouver.  There.

"Let's Groove" is available as a free download via both Facebook and Bandcamp.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ro Blvd: "Great Going Good" [feat. THURZ]

We're mere weeks (or possibly days, cain't find an exact release date) away from Ro Blvd's new LP Heart Pounding Panic and here's a lil taster.  Atlanta continues to move on from the Luda / T.I. mold and has been developing smart young rappers who have more to offer than the standard coke / trap rhymes... that said, there is some decidedly NSFW imagery about halfway through this muhfucka.

You can d/l a "Great Going Good" freebie pack here.

Shady Blaze: "Stars Will Light a Way"

Shady Blaze is part of Oakland's Green Ova Underground crew, which also includes Main Attractionz.  Never heard of either? I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been napping myself.  Easiest way to play catch up: download Shady's Rappers Ain't Shit Without a Producer mixtape then preview the rest of the crew's shit on the Green Ova Records Bandcamp page.

Schoolboy Q: "Blessed" [feat. Kendrick Lamar]

While fellow Black Hippy alumnus Kendrick Lamar broke through in 2011 - including a showing in Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums of the Year - it seems like Schoolboy Q got slept on just a bit.  Q also had an digital only album released in 2011, and while it garnered good reviews it didn't necessarily put him over the top.  We'll all get a second chance to properly show our respects when Habits & Contradictions is released on January 14th.  Don't fuck it up, y'all.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cat Power: "King Rides By"

"King Rides By" is essentially a charity single, not necessarily an indicator that a new Cat Power album is in the works... which would be her first non-covers record since 2006's The Greatest.  In fact, it's not exactly a new song at all, but more of a retooled/extended version of a cut originally released on 1996's What Would the Community Think.  Nonetheless, it's a pretty effective re-do, its languid pacing arguably even improved upon by the extended running time.  Plus the video is directed by Giovanni Ribisi and stars Manny Pacquiao so how you gonna NOT watch it?

Air: "Sonic Armada"

If you're anything like me, Air is a band that's made themselves hard to get too excited about in recent years. After setting the world on fire in 1998 with Moon Safari - an album that's not only a certified classic but one that I genuinely believe to be one of the greatest of all time in any genre - the French duo tread water for a few years, re-releasing their pre-Moon Safari singles before finally emerging two years later... with a soundtrack.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that comparitively few people (then or now) have ever had 10,000 Hz Legend or any of its underwhelming follow ups on constant blast, a few early apologists excepted.  The two tracks previewed from their upcoming Le Voyage Dans La Lune LP - "Seven Stars" and "Sonic Armada" - have piqued my interest for the first time in years. I'm not sure that either one quite rises up to the level of Moon Safari brilliance (and the fact that the album as a whole is a faux-soundtrack to Méliès' 1902 short film  Le Voyage Dans La Lune isn't a big selling point for me in its own right) but on the other hand it's a far cry from Talkie Walkie Pt. 2, isn't it?

KILLER COVERS || James Blake: "A Case of You"

Probably the highlight of his recent Enough Thunder EP, James Blake's cover of Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" washed away a lot of the bland taste the rest of the EP's material left in my mouth... or perhaps it was the other way around, the rest of the material flooding my once rejoicing palate with numbing dullness, kind of like eating a fine Belgian chocolate and washing it down with a lukewarm Keystone Light.  Whatever, I clearly suck at analogies.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grimes: "Genesis"

Grimes may sound like the name of an MC from Bristol, but it's actually the nom de plume of Claire Boucher, a Montreal musician who is set to release her debut for 4AD on February 21st (after a handful of obligatory "unofficial" releases through the web).  Be prepared to have Visions soon but don't let that dangerous looking cover art cockblock your frou frou sensibilities.

Mellowhype: "45"

Clearly picking up where The Weeknd's chill ambience left off, Mellowhype is a blissed out side project from Odd Future members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain.  Numbers will be their third release when it drops soon , but to make it all confusing - just for the fuck of it, Odd Future style - "45" will apparently not be included on the album, nor does Left Brain contribute to this particular track.  Daaaaah!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dub Phizix & Skeptic: "Marka"

If Die Antwoord ever do a covers album I'm nominating this song as first single.  Instrumentally it's a little more in the traditional d&b vein, but the dark, wobbly bass line and freakily exotic vocals would make it prime cover bait for the South African novelty act.  Even if Die Antwoord never get around to doing it justice, "Marka" is a damn satisfying treat in its own right.  Chew your food, bitches!

Four Tet: "Moma"

"Moma" is Four Tet's contribution to the We Are the Works In Progress comp benefiting post-tsunami Japan. I think it comes in a Hazmat sleeve or something.  You can preorder it here but don't tell them WKMR sent you, because that drives traffic to our blog and we gotta keep this shit on the kvlt tip.

Four Tet - Moma by Four Tet

Sleigh Bells: "Born to Lose"

Been listening to this band for awhile but just now realized Derek E. Miller - one half of Sleigh Bells - used to be the guitarist for Poison the Well... which is weird, because I haven't thought about that band in quite awhile but out of nowhere found myself wondering what happened to them the other day.

"Born to Lose" is not a cover of any of the umpteen other songs with the same name, but what it is is the first single off the upcoming sophomore LP Reign of Terror out Feb. 14th.