Monday, January 9, 2012

Zola Jesus: "In Your Nature" [David Lynch Remix]

So, David Lynch is a music impresario now.  You've probably heard about that.  Lynch has been among the great masters at using popular music to supplement on screen drama (Scorsese and T-Bone Burnett arguably being his only rivals) so it shouldn't have surprised anyone when he pulled a reverse Danny Elfman late last year and put out his first proper LP, Crazy Clown Time, late last year (though it has been getting mixed reviews).  Homeboy also got on the mixtape bandwagon, which was kind of like a David Lynch soundtrack without the actual movie.

And now he's completing the trifecta by getting into the remix game.  His deconstruction of Zola Jesus' "In Your Nature" plays it pretty safe, not really altering the original so much as just paring it down a bit, bringing out the ethereal bass and emphasizing the vocals.  A successful first stab for the Lynchster, albeit a measured one.

The single will be released 2/21 on Sacred Bones.

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