Sunday, January 15, 2012

Justice: "Canon" [Tiga Remix]

Man, Justice is really spacing out these Audio, Video, Disco singles.  "Civilization" came out way back in March 2011, with only the title track making a belated follow up in September.  "On'n'On" is scheduled to be the third single (January 30th) which makes for a single roughly every three months.  By this point in the album cycle most bands would be wrapping things up and getting to work on the next record, but then again we're talking about a band that took four years between their debut and sophomore LP's, so Justice have never been known for rushing things.

The Tiga remix of "Canon" is scheduled to be one included as a b-side to the "On'n'On" single, a jaunty romp deserving of the NSFW sleeve art above.

 Justice — Canon (Tiga Remix) by TIGA

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