Friday, January 27, 2012

William Cooper: "American Gangsters" [feat. Kool G Rap]

William Cooper is perhaps the least known member of Black Market Militia - which also includes the likes of Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi and Hell Razah - but he can match talent with any of his more established brethren. As if to prove exactly that, he teamed up with hip hop icon Kool G. Rap - who himself released one of the more unheralded rap albums of 2011, Riches, Royalty, Respect - to rail against the 1%-er's.

Cooper (a.k.a. Booth) named himself after the deceased radio host and conspiracy theorist Milton William Cooper, who was kind of an elder Alex Jones type figure who loved to preach about the New World Order and Bilderberg Group (told you he was an old school Alex Jones).  Cooper's most famous work was the book Behold a Pale Horse, which is also the name of Cooper's latest solo album, from which "American Gangsters" is poached.

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