Sunday, January 29, 2012

Porcelain Raft: "Unless You Speak From Your Heart"

The three members of Porcelain Raft seem just as confused about what they're supposed to be doing in this video as I am to its general intent.  No matter, music videos occasionally achieve a life of their own but in general they're an excuse to expose bands to a wider audience, and if there's any band that deserves a wider audience in this era of myopic Foster the People / Mumford & Sons worship it's Porcelain Raft.

It's hard to go wrong with bands signed to Secretly Canadian in the first place but they've scored even greater than usual with this signing.  Check out the video for "Unless You Speak From Your Heart" below, and underneath that you'll find Strange Weekend, the band's debut album, streaming in full (the album stream is duplicated on their Facebook profile as well)

Unless You Speak From Your Heart from Porcelain Raft on Vimeo.

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