Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: "Heart Attack"

First post of 2012, bitches and/or hoes! I'd love to sit here and tell you about all the new features that WKMR has in the pipeline, but nope: gonna be same shit, different day.  So let's get on with it...

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour hail from Copenhagen and walk that same kind of glossy-yet-quirky pop tightrope that the 80's new wave bands were known for: slightly off kilter vocals, toy instrument melodies, dance-able yet sounding just as great driving down the freeway with the top down... which is all a way of saying that any given one of their songs could spill over into generic, pseudo-indie pop (a la the Ting Tings) or serve up true retro pop gold (a la the Go-Go's, Dee-lite).  If this one wasn't the latter this blog post would not exist.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Heart Attack (Single) by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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