Monday, December 19, 2011

Queue the Crickets (not the Buddy Holly band)

Things have been quiet here the past week.  There are two things at work there: a) December is by far the slowest month for new releases, so there just hasn't been a huge amount of noteworthy singles this past week, and b) I'd initially planned on using the downtown to play catch up on overlooked albums, singles, etc with the motive of putting together an obligatory top 50 list or whatever.  Can't do it.  I tried, bince I didn't repurpose WKMR into a new release blog until halfway through 2011 there's just too much stuff I didn't get around listening to in order to feasibly cram it all in at the last minute.  Any such list I might put together, then, would be woefully incomplete to the point of sheer uselessness, so I'm not even going to bother.  We'll make it a regular thing in 2012, but until then hopefully you've gotten enough unanimous Adele and Drake recommendations to guide your listening preferences for the next few calendar months.

For the rest of this week I'm just going to be clearing out my back log of singles and videos to post, then it's off to Redneck Purgatory in East Texas (a.k.a. my dad's) for the last week of the month.  There is no internet out in his (literal) neck of the woods - I can't even get a fucking cell phone signal within 20 miles of his house - so WKMR will be AWOL from Xmas through New Years.

Not so you'll notice.

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