Saturday, December 3, 2011

Loops Haunt: "Ark"

It's getting harder and harder to relegate electronic music into definable genres these days.  There's a kind of bouillabaisse aesthetic going on in all corners of the dance market where even micro-genres have become obsolete, the overlap becoming so all-encompassing as to defy even the most liberal of pigeon-holing.

The best stuff is coming out of the noobs, and it doesn't get much fresher than Loops Haunt.  Lifted directly from his FB page:
"Just for the books- ARk is NOT a DUBSTEP release--(i have never made any dubstep). ARks main melody was made in 09 and inspired from jamming on the same rick wakemnan solo i used in my electronic explorations mix. YESSONGS was the first record i ever owned as a kid."

Loops Haunt - Ark by Black Acre Records

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