Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mirel Wagner: "No Death"

The whole process involved with choosing songs to post on this site is not a perfect one. There is an endless torrent of new material being released every week that is near impossible to keep up with, let alone listen to multiple times apiece, so it's become increasingly impossible to listen to very many songs twice, let alone give them their full due with multiple spins.

So it is that I overlooked Mirel Wagner's "No Death" a week or so ago when all the blogs started posting it.  Well, I didn't overlook it per se, but I don't post every single song that sounds merely decent, I look for the stuff that's worth returning to the well over and over (this blog is as much about reminding myself to revisit certain tunes as it is catering to any kind of mass audience that does not currently and may never exist).

If it hadn't been for another blog being lot on the draw with this, the posting of which offering me a rare opportunity to revisit something I'd already cast aside, I'd have probably gone on indefinitely without recognizing the significance of this artist. So without further ado, Mirel Wagner ladies and gentleman...

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