Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Gender: "Anemic"

Best album title of the year: Self (En)Titled by Melbourne's A Gender, the new project from Romy Hoffman, probably best known for her hip hop project Macromantics, who were briefly signed to Kill Rock Stars in the mid-2000's. Hoffman was also a fourth quarter replacement in alt-rock band Noise Addict back in the 90s and has been restlessly dabbling in different styles - with different projects - in recent years. A Gender is the latest of those, an old school new-wave infused punk throwback that is doing good things.

"Anemic" works in the Elastica vein, so we're talking several layers of Wire-worship deep here. The whole damn album can be downloaded for free at the group's obligatory Bandcamp page.
(via Mess + Noise)

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