Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quakers: "Fitta Happier"

Is it just me or is the average song length dropping to like 50's pop levels? I could certainly stand to listen to this beat for more than 2.5 minutes... got an old New Orleans marching band feel to it, but not a sprightly one, more of a dark "our army is here to fuck up your program" sort of feel [edit: it's actually a sample of a marching band rendition of Radiohead's "The National Anthem", so no insight points for me there... especially considering "Fitter Happier" is the name of another Radiohead song, so it's not like the clues were buried and shit].

So... Quakers. Who is this cat? Would you believe Geoff Barrow from Portishead? That's not him rapping of course. Guilty Simpson and M.E.D. take care of the wrrrd slangin', but with 41 cuts expected on this upcoming self-titled debut we should have both guest stars and beats galore. March 27 on Stones Throw bitches.

[UPDATE 5/23/12: music video added]:

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