Monday, February 13, 2012

Selebrities: "Night Heat"

Mixing a little post-punk guitar into their vintage synth sound, Selebrities (Brooklyn, of course... do bands come from anywhere else?) are a great throwback band despite playing in an increasingly over saturated market: icy, distant synthpop obsessed with nighttime imagery... in addition to "Night Heat" they've also releases songs titled "Sunset", "Into the Night", and "The Moonlight". It's all good as long as they're delivering the goods, though.

"Night Heat" will presumably be released at some point - in some format - on their current label, Cascine, but right now I don't see any enlightening info either on the label page or the band's Tumblr... thought frankly the latter is one of those Tumblr pages where 3/4 of the entries seem to have little to do with the band itself, and is more a collection of what has been interesting them lately.

Better off, instead, peeping their Facebook profile, where you can stream roughly half of their recorded output as of this writing.

Selebrities - Night Heat from Selebrities on Vimeo.

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