Friday, February 24, 2012

Benga: "I Will Never Change"

Those who rail against so-called "brostep" are usually criticizing one of two things: 1) the sheer formulaic repetitiveness of the Skrillex clones, or 2) the complete lack of restraint not offering much by way of tension or musical dynamism.

Benga is not brostep. There's a certain amount of the characteristic wobble present, but "I Will Never Change" - the title of which seems to be a big middle finger to bandwagon dubstep - has plenty of self-restraint as well as a sense of purpose. There is melody at work here, for one thing, and for another the moody pacing of it pretty much automatically precludes it from ever devolving into the electronic equivalent of nu-metal, which at heart is what brostep is really all about.

I Will Never Change by iambenga

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