Friday, March 30, 2012

Van She: "Idea of Happiness"

People like to sneer at my so-called musical elitism, claiming I'm an indie snob who doesn't like pop music just because I don't give it up for the Kelly Clarksons and the Katy Perrys.  Well, fuck you, this IS pop music... and I like it. It may not be in the Billboard Top 40. It may in fact sound like a pop song circa 1984 rather than 2012, but it's still pop music, damn you.

Van She (presumably riffing on Banshee, to which this group owes many obvious similarities) even uses that bouncy synth phrasing in the chorus that's so popular among the youth of today. But mainly it's just that "Idea of Happiness" is so much catchier than anything I have yet to hear out of the David Guetta / Lady GaGa school of dance pop that it fully justifies hating the fuck out of the latter.

[UPDATE 4/4/12: adding official video]:

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