Friday, March 23, 2012

Ufomammut: "Empireum"

In the whole doom metal realm I don't think anyone gets under-appreciated more than Italy's Ufomammut. Psychedelic almost to a Krautrock T, this band isn't quite filthy enough to satisfy Electric Wizard fans nor do they write accessible enough songs to hit it off with the Cathedral / Sabbath-loving crowd. Instead, they favor spacey, long form jams with no real vocals to speak of - some occasional chanting or buried howls occasionally pop up but that's about it - so think of a more ethereal, less immediate Yob and you're on the right track... sorta.

Ufomammut have jumped ship from their own Supernatural Cat label to Neurot Recordings for their latest, Oro: Opus Primum, which is the first of two themed concept albums. Interesting choice, releasing the longest song on the album as the first official "single", especially considering this new album is a slow burner, so track one is mostly a long build. Whatever: they put together some visuals for your punk ass, so chew your food and enjoy.

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