Thursday, March 22, 2012

Emeralds: "Does It Look Like I'm Here?" [Daphni Mixes 1 & 2]

"It's like The Smiths suing John Smith or something".  That was Daniel Victor Snaith's retort when a 2004 lawsuit from Handsome Dick Manitoba forced a name change to Caribou... apparently the Ontario native was determined to keep it both Canuck and minimalist at all costs.

When he began producing more club-oriented electronic tracks in 2011, Snaith opted for another name change, this time going with the Daphni pseudonym. Already having released nearly half a dozen EPs and singles under that name, Snaith was recently commissioned to remix Emeralds' 2010 track "Does It Look Like I'm Here?" Snaith did them one better and came up with two mixes, the first a little more dynamic and spacey, with a greater concern for the slow build, the second a harder edged trance piece. Stream both below or download them here.

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