Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Shoes: "Time to Dance"

One last quickie before WKMR bails for SXSW. Would love to tell you we'll be providing beaucoup coverage of the festival but most likely we'll be too sideways to remember any of it afterward. We could point you to some alternative sites that do excellent work at covering SXSW, but none of those sites ever link to WKMR so fuck 'em.

Pay no attention to the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal is in this video. He may genuinely be into The Shoes, but most likely he's just looking to get his indie card punched. I don't really know much about The Shoes but presumably they bear no relation to the power pop group Shoes from Illinois. You can read up on the band on their FB page if you want but most likely all you'll need to know is that this discofied pop song easily trumps any dance-punk I've heard from Justice, The Rapture or anyone on DFA Records lately. This is THE song of 2012 so far in my book.

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