Thursday, March 22, 2012

Married in Berdichev: "Light Comes"

In the same manner that you can instantly identify anything recorded in the 80's by its compressed dynamics and dry, in your face percussion, I think one of the hallmarks of today's production considered decades from now will be the ubiquitous use of cavernous, almost cathedral-like space that modern recording equipment affords this generation's artists.

In the same way that 80's artists were merely taking advantage of new-at-the-time technology to achieve a crystal clean clarity that wasn't possible in the analog era, it's unlikely that modern artists are intentionally trying to all produce minor variations on dream pop ambiance so much as just trying to get the most out of the cutting edge technology available in 2012. Either way there's a lot of somnolent, lush avant pop bubbling up from the underground these days.

I'm kind of rambling in general fashion because I don't know a lot about Married in Berdichev aside from what I can glean via her Facebook and Bandcamp pages. It's basically a one girl project from Denverite Becky Gould; she has one prior EP to her credit, Readying, which can had be had for naught at that Bandcamp page. It also appears she's into physical art as well based on her personal website. No clue on where or when the below "Light Comes" will see an official release, but for now you can stream it below via Soundcloud.

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