Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Traxman: "1988"

Planet Mu, long time home of IDM, glitch and experimental electronic acts such as Venetian Snares, Luke Vibert, and label head Mike Paradinas' own μ-Ziq project, have gotten a little less esoteric in their signings lately; recognizing shifting trends in relevance in the electronic music genre, Paradinas has added dubstep (Benga, Pinch), artstep (Burial), and now footwork to his arsenal. Traxman operates within the accepted bounds of the footwork repertoire on "1988", with its knob-twiddling 303s and boilerplate footwork beats, though he started off as a ghetto house DJ in the 90s. Da Mind of Traxman is his debut for Planet Mu (due April 9), and you can pre-order and/or get a taste of the other 17 tracks on the Mu website.
(via Boiler Room)

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