Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wild Flag: "Electric Band"

Wild Flag has been touted as a "supergroup", but with all due respect I'm not buying that shit.  Carrie Brownstein is the most visible presence here, having sang and played guitar in Sleater-Kinney; if you really have your indie shit together you may have heard the name Mary Timony in passing... she served stints in Autoclave and Helium back in the 90s.  Janet Weiss played drums in Sleater-Kinney as well, but having two of your "star" players coming from the same group hardly makes one a "supergroup", and Timony's not a big enough player in the indie rock world to put Wild Flag over the top.

This is a journalistic complaint, not a knock on the band itself.  They'd be the first to scoff at the supergroup tag, and if anything it's probably the staunch early 90s pop accessibility of songs like "Electric Band" that encourage music writers to fall back on the kind of shorthand nostalgia that terms like supergroup are meant to evoke in the first place.

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