Friday, November 18, 2011

Modeselektor: "Shipwreck" [feat. Thom Yorke]

I'm predisposed to dislike Modeselektor.  Mainly because they make statements like this to the press: "We don’t like it if people tag us as being a certain style or school or scene or whatever. We don’t really care about all that." Blech. I've always believed that diversity speaks for itself, and I can guarantee you that patchwork artists like Tom Waits and Bjork don't have to warn their fans against pigeonholing them. I call this the Dave Mustaine rule.

However, "Shipwreck" is a pretty sweet little ditty, so I'll assume the two gents that make up Modeselektor are still a little green at this whole press thing, and that they're just parroting what they've heard other people say while they work on their articulation.  They've got Thom Yorke's ear, and that's a heartier co-sign than anything I could offer.

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