Friday, November 18, 2011

Factory Floor: "Two Different Ways"

I used to be really, really big into the various strains of techno during the 90s, from the rave hangover of The Prodigy's early material to the Big Beat of Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Wildchild, etc.  Early on I got used to using the term "trance" to refer to minimalist, usually metronomic hard techno, particularly of the German variety (Hardfloor's "Acperience 1" from 1992 is probably my favorite trance song of all time).

So when asshats like Darude and Tiesto came along at the dawn of the millennium and turned the genre into an uneasy truce between traditional trance and progressive house, shit started sounding like elevator music to me.  And when it proceeded to absolutely dominate electronic music for a large chunk of the ensuing decade, I largely tuned out of my "techno" (fuck the term "electronica") altogether.

Well, Factory Floor are not old school trance revivalists at all (their Wiki page describes them as "post-industrial", whatever the fuck that means) but if "Two Different Ways" is the only thing you've heard by them, you'd be hard pressed to say otherwise.  Minimal?  Check.  Metronomic?  Check.  Dull?  Hardly.  You're thinking of Tiesto.

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