Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Videoing: "Crimson Wave"

One of the saddest days recently in the Austin music scene was when Single Frame broke up. It often seems like local faves either break up or move to NY/Portland before they hit their peak, leaving a lot of people to wonder aloud if the self-professed "Live Music Capital of the World" isn't wildly overrated.

Single Frame's Adreon Henry is back with a new musical project, Videoing, after having spent a lot of time doing exactly that: mixed media productions for a variety of commissioned and personal projects. He's brought Single Frame's Brendan Reilly with him as well, and their Reader CD is out now through a limited edition on Slack Electric. The official nationwide release date is July 10, and those in Austin can attend a slightly belated release party on July 20 at the Mohawk.
(via URB):

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