Monday, June 11, 2012

Charli XCX: "You're the One"

Thing about Charli XCX: her vocals usually flirt a little too closely to cookie cutter mainstream dance pop for my tastes, but it always seems to get redeemed by a stellar backing track. "You're the One" is no different; replace the mean wall of sound production with something that, say, The-Dream might cook up and you've got a wannabe Katy Perry song instantly.

But that's as much a statement on how close the likes of Perry, Gaga, etc. are to currying favor with me than it is a slight on Charli XCX. If top 40 pop didn't insist on half assing every single aspect of its tunes all it would take is one unique thing about it that I could latch onto and I'd be on board in a second (see: Robyn). Until then, I've got enough shit on my plate as it is without beating myself up for not acknowledging an obligatory "no snob here!" nod to some mega-selling dance pop act. Life's too short for insincere stabs at peer acceptance. Shite is shite no matter how you Instagram it.

[UPDATE 7/3/12: added music video]:

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