Monday, June 18, 2012

KILLER COVERS || Iron & Wine: "One More Try"

I've always kind of thought George Michael got a bad rap. OK, Wham had some of the gayest songs ever heard outside of a Wednesday-night disco, but the schism rendered by the poofy hair and yacht club attire unfairly transferred to his solo career as well. Well, dammit, both Faith and Listen Without Prejudice has some downright fantastic tunes to their credit (1990 is about the point I stopped paying attention, so I can't vouch for his later stuff).

Apparently Sam Beam agrees with me, as he's covered the 1987 Faith single "One More Try" for a novelty 7" called Two Sides of George, which has this song on the A-side and the Lowell George (Little Feat) standard "Trouble" on the flip.

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