Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Camp: "Life"

I find myself posting more synth-driven indie pop these days than I do guitar-driven indie rock, but for my money that's where the best shit happens to be at right now. I'm not even concerned in the least that most of it is 80's-derivative as long as the hooks are there. A lot of music fans seem to have their guards up when it comes to the possibility of music permanently regressing, but since when has there ever been any danger of musical trends getting set in stone? So what if we seem to be vapor locked in a nostalgia phase right now... eventually artists will get bored and trends will shift toward something else, at which point the gatekeeper types will end up retroactively digging the shit that they've stubbornly overlooked, given the lack of baggage that a hindsight appraisal affords.

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