Thursday, May 24, 2012

Poppy & The Jezebels: "Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out"

These girls are adorable. I know, I know, looks aren't supposed to matter, it's about the music. My ass. People only say that because there too many manufactured pop stars that try to get by exclusively on image. Looks are  part of presentation though, and - done right - they can and do affect perception (ie. in the same way that Adele would come off as ridiculous trying to croon in Lana del Rey's sex kitten voice, Leonard Cohen's soul wrecking ballads would seem a bit disingenuous if he looked like Brad Pitt).

Totally insincere about all of the above, by the way (mostly insincere... they ARE pretty cute). But sometimes I scare myself by how convincing my own bullshit can be. I'm actually starting to wonder in hindsight if my spontaneous ramble didn't uncover a few essential life truths.

(via Popmatters):

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