Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sleep ∞ Over: "Romantic Streams" [CFCF Remix]

In between covering bands from Portland and Brooklyn to the point of near exclusivity, I sometimes like to squeeze one in from some homegrown Austin bands... what with being the Live Music Capital of the World, which to many just means we get a crap ton of touring acts and to some is just straight up bullshit one way or the other. "Romantic Streams" isn't exactly new, but since there's no such thing as an album cycle anymore Montreal's CFCF is just now getting around to remixing it. Anyway they're called Sleep ∞ Over because they make drowsy, somnolent music that's kind of like a lullaby... get it? Yeah they could afford to be a little more obtuse... agreed. I'd tell them myself except their website is damn near unnavigable.

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