Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Black Twig Pickers: "You Play the High Card and I'll Play the Ace"

One thing about having such a voluminous mountain of new music staring me down every single day is that I no longer find myself getting as nostalgic for genres of music that seem to fade in both popularity and artistic momentum. It's probably not fair to say that Americana has run its course, but if anything it seems to have largely been assimilated into the alterna-rock mainstream (the more trad country acts disappointingly heading off to Nashville).

Black Twig Pickers want none of that, sticking with arch bluegrass filtered through precisely zero outside influences. This is the kind of shit you haul in if you want to add some authenticity to your folk festival, even if your larger plan is to use The Avett Brothers or Iron & Wine to sell tickets.

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