Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monarchy: "Disintegration" [feat. Dita Von Teese]

If a moment can be pinpointed for the exact date that Marilyn Manson lost the plot, it was whatever afternoon he decided to trade in Dita Von Teese for that chick from Thirteen. Yeah, she was of age by then, but that's just too much skinny pastiness for one couple to pull off.

Anyway, Von Teese is still around, she just doesn't get as much play as she did when she was Brian Warner's arm candy (in all fairness: Manson doesn't get that kind of play in 2013 anymore either). Easily the most famous burlesque model since Betty Page, Von Teese has that same naughty 50's housewife appeal, something she milks effectively in this clip for Monarchy's "Disintegration". I'm assuming those are her breathy vocals rather than just a lip sync job, but either way this tune has late 90's written all over it... perhaps a subtle jab at her ex, who was peaking in popularity around that time. Nah, doubt it, but that doesn't make unfounded revisionism any less entertaining.

NSFW warning: technically there's no nudity here, but there are plenty of visuals that a passing glance might get you reported to HR.

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