Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prince: "Breakfast Can Wait"

Prince is best when he's at his most earthy; he often flounders when he gets too heady or esoteric, which has described a pretty good chunk of his material since he started lobbying to get off Warner Brothers in the early 90s. He signed another major label deal for the release of 2004's Musicology, one that apparently gives him the freedom to continue recording outside the milieu of corporate overview... his last two releases were a free giveaway to subscribers of the UK's Daily Mail and a 3-disc set available exclusively through Target on his own NPG label.

It's a bit unclear what "Breakfast Can Wait" as well as the previously released "Rock and Roll Love Affair" and "Screw Driver" were intended for, as each has thus far been released as a standalone digital single with no announcement of an impending album, but all three have a vintage sound an attention-to-detail in the writing that has lately only been present on his major label ("feature") LPs.

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