Thursday, April 26, 2012

N.O.R.E.: "Google That" [feat. Styles P & Raekwon]

The $2 wi-fi homeless dude cracks me up, because AT&T actually pulled something similar during SXSW this year - basically paying homeless people to walk around with wireless routers strapped around their waists to help alleviate the typically overtaxed cell towers - but there was no $2 charge. Come to think of it, I neither saw any of these homeless people wandering about nor benefited from any better service than I've had at past conferences.

Anyway... there was a time about a decade ago when N.O.R.E. was considered an elite rapper, but sadly his popularity seems to have waned through no fault of his own. He's still bringing the same on point rhymes over super catchy beats, it's just that fewer of y'all are paying attention. It's that fuckin' pop rap shit, isn't it? Your girl likes Drake so now you like Drake. If you don't know what a punk ass bitch is and there's no mirror handy, go on and Google that.

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