Monday, April 30, 2012

Metric: "Youth Without Youth"

Metric have to be pretty happy that the ongoing "are they or aren't they?" controversies surrounding the likes of Sleigh Bells and Lana del Rey have kept the heat off of a band frequently cited as being too poppy [read: inauthentic] for their own good. I could care less. What I generally don't like about pop music is not its slick glossiness, but the canned, manufactured beats and predictable, cookie cutter melodies. Metric don't fuck around with any of that. Their sound hearkens back to the 80s, where you could be as slick as you wanted to but it really didn't mean a thing if you didn't have a killer hook to go along with it. That, of course, was before MTV established cultural hegemony and made it ok to settle for an image, with nothing more to offer... which leads us to where we are today. At least there's Metric.

Synthetica is out June 12

[UPDATE 6/12/12: added music video]:

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