Thursday, April 19, 2012

Family of the Year: "Stairs"

I don't necessarily understand why every single user photo published on Facebook has to be rendered in the washed out Instagram preset, but I can understand why the aesthetic appeals to a lot of today's musicians: with all the throwback folk pop, neo-psych and sleepy 60's pop currently in vogue, the grainy 16mm home movie feel is the perfect mechanism for invoking the dreamy nostalgia inherent in much of the musical zeitgeist (in contrast, these music videos wouldn't be at all appropriate for trap rap or power metal).

Family of the Year have been making incremental strides forward in terms of career momentum the last few years, and having recently signed to the (historically industrial/EBM) label Nettwerk, 2012 could be their time to shine. "Stairs" is a good entry point to the band, infectious and loose, catchy and free-spirited. Peep more here.

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