Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Black Pus: "Devolver" / "Police Song 2"

It never gets heavy enough for me, especially when it comes to shit with beats. I can do only do grind and noise for so long, but give me a beat and a groove and I can put that shit on blast all day long. I'd never heard of Black Pus before, but I should have: it's Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt fame, and both projects are on the way-too-pimpin' Load Records. Suffice to say, he's got my attention from this day forth. It's worth mentioning his blog Black Pus Won is both a hoot and a holler, a combination you don't often find outside of old school country & western.

So basically the first eight minutes of this clip is an unreleased song recorded back in January called "Devolver", at which point it fades out and kicks into an alternate mix of "Police Song" from last year's Primordial Pus LP.
(via Tiny Mix Tapes):

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