Thursday, May 14, 2015

Róisín Murphy: "Exploitation"

Unfortunately I can't find the mesmerizing 9.5-minute album cut so this 4:20-friendly single mix will have to do. Róisín Murphy - of the Róisín Bran Murphy's, of course - spent the first decade of her music career fronting the seminal techno-pop UK act Moloko before striking off on a solo career that, thus far at least, has proven more critically acclaimed than publicly lucrative. Murphy's lack of fiscal fortune is our artistic gain, as the entirety of Hairless Toys seems engaged in outdoing even the mighty Björk in terms of flirting with pop conventions while still keeping them stubbornly at arm's length (please extend the similarities no further than similar intent; I could have just as easily compared Murphy to Kate Bush or even a less calculating St Vincent).

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