Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Onyx: "Fuck the Law"

Bacdafucup the Onyx is herrrrrre! Onyx are the second most underrated rap group of the 90s (Above the Law is the first, ironically given the title of this new Onyx joint). "Slam" got a lot of play back in 1993/94, but their next two albums, All We Got Iz Us (1995) and Shut 'Em Down (1998) only made a minor dent in the public's consciousness, in spite of selling reasonably well in the underground. Onyx came back last year with the pretty brilliant Wakedafucup but - you spotting a trend here? - it got zero traction or even acknowledgement.

Undeterred, Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr are back with a new EP, Against All Authorities, which dropped yesterday. "Fuck the Law" is another zeitgeist-repping anti-establishment track, which should now be pretty familiar, but Sticky and Fredro have always gotten by on bristling energy and sheer force of personality, both of which are in abundance here.

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