Sunday, May 12, 2013

Randy Rogers Band: "Trouble Knows My Name"

A couple years ago I was in Vegas, not specifically because the rodeo was in town but... the rodeo was in town. I ran into the fiddle player from the Randy Rogers Band in an Irish bar on Fremont St with his parents in tow. At one point the fiddle player's mom asked for a shot of Irish whisky. Impressed that she could toss it back with the aplomb of 25-year old man, the bartender comped the cost of the shot out of respect. Fast forward a half hour and the bartender asks me "did the group beside you leave already?" Turns out the fiddle player's partents settled their tab but (allegedly, always "allegedly") didn't leave the bartender a single cent for a tip, in spite of his buying the old lady a shot.

This being Mother's Day, seems the perfect time to post this new RRB tune featuring the incomparable Willie. Hopefully this album goes multi-platinum so their folks don't have to keep stiffing bartenders.

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