Sunday, May 5, 2013

Deafheaven: "Dream House"

Roads to Judah came out almost exactly two years ago, helping to establish Deafheaven (I keep wanting to call them Deaf"haven"... sounds more metal) as preeminent blackened experimentalists. The oh-so-Mexican-Summerish cover of their upcoming sophomore album, Sunbather, might lead you to think they've gone full on shoegaze (chillwave, even) but nope... one listen to "Dream House" proves that their black metal affiliation is no mere historical marker but an active presence in their sound. Yeah, there's plenty of shoegaze affectation there, but isn't that the case with most experimental black metal these days? Then again if Liturgy is officially kicked out of the "kvlt" playhouse then Deafheaven don't stand a chance.

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