Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vista Chino: "Barcelonian"

As much as I hate to say it, if Josh Homme was Kyuss' secret weapon then John Garcia was easily their weak link. I've always found his voice too thin and labored for the kind of bluesy bluster he's going for, so frankly - as long as Queens of the Stone Age was still hitting their mark - an actual Kyuss reunion wasn't something I actively pined for.

I got one anyway... sort of.

Sans Homme and Scott Reeder - who replaced Nick Oliveri (present here) in 1992, the three remaining members tabbed Belgian guitarist Bruno Fevery and formed Kyuss Lives!, a sort of Creedence Clearwater Revisited for the hesher set. Homme and Reeder didn't make much of a stink about their former band members encroaching upon their trademark until KL announced they were going to be recording new studio material, at which point... lawsuit.

Recognizing the writing on the wall, the Garcia-led quartet changed their name to... Vista Chino. Not sure if that's an inside joke or some esoteric reference to a former Kyuss lyric, but it's a pretty ballsy move considering most fans will presumably need to re-educate themselves on who these guys are from the ground up. "Barcelonian", however, is decidedly less adventurous, most notable for being an amiable enough retread of where the mothership left off back in the mid-90's. Not that that's a bad thing... Garcia's wailing hasn't gotten much less teeth gnashing, though.

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