Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Egyptian Hip Hop: "Yoro Diallo"

A friend of mine was complaining the other day that for all he'd know from reading music blogs the only styles currently being recorded were folk, hip hop and electronic. "Not far off", was my somewhat oversimplified reply (texting is not the place for nuanced arguments).

2012 sees us balls deep in an immersive retro movement, sure, and while nearly all past styles are being pimped to some degree or another, musicians do tend to feed off the creativity of other musicians, and at any given time certain styles do seem to be predominant over others.

Egyptian Hip Hop purvey another hip style that my buddy left out - blissed out neo-psych - so for anyone expecting me to turn his argument on its head... not right now, sorry. Gotta go with the best that's out there, whether it bucks the trends or not. At least they don't look in any way ridiculous.

[UPDATE 11/7/12: added Lone remix]:

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